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Twiching General Trading offers wholesale voice Wholesale VoIP, Calling Cards and International top-up Broadband and Mobile Telephony are two of the most recent and emerging trends in the telecom industry. Both offer real benefits to business owners and their clients, and companies that offer these services often take the opportunity to consider offering their services in the form of a Telecommunication Service Provider (TSP).
The first of the two is digital calling. Digital calling can be used for inbound and outbound calls, as well as for multiple extensions. To offer digital calling services, the company offers a telephony service that offers the ability to connect a client’s phone number with any telecommunications service provider.
The second part of offering a telecom service provider is offering VoIP services. VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. This service allows businesses to make voice calls over the internet instead of a traditional phone line.
Like calling cards, the service provides a “calling card”digital calling card”. The card can be used to make a single call or as many as desired. An option is that can be purchased that allows up to three-way calling between the client and the provider.
Telephony also can include text messaging. Companies that offer text messaging capabilities to use the data from mobile phones to send and receive text messages and can be used to provide more advanced features to callers.



International Top-Up Recharge

International Recharge to mobiles. Send top-up to cell phones back home. Quick, immediate & secure. Recharge online & safe payment.
International Top-Up recharge does any prepaid airtime minute transference service before those telephones from relatives & Friends being global. Somebody being...

Virtual phone number

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) is often utilized interchangeably by "telephone number". Bandwidth can give a variety of DIDs plus local also toll-free.
DID is as Direct Inward Dialing also does usually utilized given by “phone number.” DID mean assistance given about some local exchange...

SMS Service

SMS Service Providers - Bulk SMS services enable businesses to give a large consumer base within seconds. As a result, companies face no limitations.
Any reality from selling their own grown one area over these years. Broadsides, leaflets, about flyers, sway become agreed to...

VoIP Routes

Twiching General Trading deals in Wholesale Voip Provider, VOIP routes, CLI routes, NCLI routes, VOIP routes providers, CLI routes .
VoIP Route or A-Z Routes remain one of the most significant parts of this VoIP enterprise. It is one part around, which heads to this creation of this wholesale VoIP business...

phone card

Are we looking for a prepaid calling card? Our international calling card allows users not to enter a pin, works globally, also is rechargeable.
Get yourself in touch with the best telecom companies which provide huge discounts on calls. The low cost calls are an obvious source of savings. In fact, it is the the cheapest way to talk. It is up to you...

Wholesale Voice

We allow traffic aggregation & distribution services on both wholesale also retail voice carriers through our network of global connectivity via submarine ...
Wholesale Voice service is a high capacity phone service consisting of a significant voice circuit or various circuits. Wholesale Voice service is also recognized...


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Twiching’s VOIP International Phone is nothing but a line that carry international calls in different countries. In this way, it becomes possible to talk to another person in another country without the need to use local phone lines.
But how can this technology help you save money, cost effectiveness and time? By using a service of this type you can easily extend your network of offices across the globe.
A VoIP system doesn’t need any hard-wired wiring or wires. It involves a small computer inside the machine that takes care of all the communication. There are a few basic things that you will need for this type of machine and the most important of them are a working telephone and an Internet connection.</span
In the world of Voice over Internet Protocol, there are two kinds of communications – voice and data. In the voice mode of communications, the computer that talks uses voice to communicate with the computer that receives the message. In the data mode, the data is sent in a form of signals through the computer’s cable.

If you are looking for a service that can make international calls, you can use a VoIP machine to make sure that all your calls reach its destination. With VoIP, you can have a large number of phones within your network. You just need to choose the provider that can give you the most benefits.
Costs of international calling are not an issue with VoIP. The company that provides international calling services has a variety of plans and features that are tailored for individual needs. They also have the facilities for paying bills online. This feature saves you time and money as it gives you a list of your current balances.
A good network of local offices is very essential if you want to have good coverage in your localities when it comes to making international calls. If you are in a small city or a large metropolis, this might prove to be a problem. If you are looking for a service that can make international calls, you can use a VoIP machine to make sure that all your calls reach its destination. With VoIP, you can have a large number of phones within your network. You just need to choose the provider that can give you the most benefits.

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